Koutale offers the following payment methods for purchases on the website:

1. Payment by Multibanco Reference (at an ATM or via Home-Banking)

At the end of the order, after selecting the multibanco payment method, we present the data so that you can proceed with the payment of your order through Multibanco or Homebanking. For your convenience, we also send this data (Entity, Reference and Amount) to your e-mail address. Koutale will send you a confirmation email, providing you with the necessary data to proceed with the payment of your order.

Payment must be made after placing the order. You have 24 hours to pay for your order. After this period, if you have not made the respective payment, your order will be canceled automatically.

In order to ensure efficient processing of your order, we advise you to make the payment as soon as possible. The expected delivery date is conditioned by the date on which payment is made.

2. Payment by MB Way

MB WAY is a mobile application that dematerializes bank cards and allows you to make purchases, simply indicating your mobile phone number and never sharing your real card data.

To join, simply select the MB WAY option at MULTIBANCO, enter your mobile phone number and define the MB WAY PIN (six digits). You must then download the app and activate it by entering your mobile phone number and the MB WAY PIN defined during the subscription process. Later you will receive an sms with an activation code to be inserted in the app and the service is immediately available.

Security is guaranteed, as bank details are never shared between the consumer and the merchant. In addition, all operations are validated with the MB WAY PIN, or Touch ID, and purchases have a daily value limit.

In addition, MB WAY does not require top-ups, has no membership costs, and allows the use of a debit card for online purchases.

Learn more at mbway.pt

The processing of the order will only start after the successful completion of the payment process in the notification area of your MB WAY app. You will receive an email after payment confirmation.

3. Payment by Credit Card (VISA/Mastercard)

We accept payments with Visa and Mastercard credit cards. At the end of the order, you will be asked for your card details in a totally secure environment, supported by UNICRE. All requests for payment authorization will only be processed as long as the security code (CVV2/CVC2) of the respective card is included.

This code can be found on the back of your card as noted below:

The charge on your card will be made after confirmation of your order, if the payment centers in question authorize it. Otherwise, your order will not be taken into account.

We reserve the right to cancel any order whose payment validation by this means raises doubts or reservations.

If you can't make the payment, it could be for one of the following reasons:

• The card has expired. You should check the expiry date of your card.

• Card limit has been reached. You should check with your bank to check that the card has not exceeded the amount allowed for purchases.

• The data entered is not correct. You must confirm that you have correctly filled in all the required fields.